How New Moon Holistic Life came to be!


The path that led me to becoming a holistic wellness coach.

New Moon Holistic Life is the culmination of many years of coaching people in my personal life, being a shoulder to lean on, feeling passionate about helping others, and undergoing my own personal development journey! My path to becoming a holistic life coach began when I saw my own life coach in 2018. I had been to therapists in the past, but I wanted to try something new to really help me to figure out the goals that I wanted to reach in my life. 

In November 2019, I discovered that the life coach I had seen was offering her Holistic Life Coaching Teacher Certification course, and I just knew that I had to sign up for it. It had been a year since I worked with her, and I was still working on consistently implementing all of the tools that I had learned from our sessions together. I shared a lot of what I had learned with loved ones as I got more into yoga, meditation, eating healthy, exercise, and more. I knew that I wanted to continue to learn and be able to share this with others!

Today, I am overwhelmed with joy to be a holistic wellness coach and to help others on their own personal development journey!