Phases of the Moon

Guiding you on your journey to a full moon!


The New Moon Holistic Life approach to personal development and life coaching!

The New Moon Holistic Life name comes from the phases of the moon. The new moon is the best time to start new projects and set new goals! Just like there are phases of the moon, we go through different phases in our lives. We are constantly growing and evolving and are on a journey of our own. These phases all relate to life coaching and the personal development journey that we all must go through:

New Moon
The New Moon phase can be compared to becoming an adult. When we turn 18 years old and graduate from high school, this is the first true time that we are making choices to build our future on our own terms. For many people this may be going to college, some join the military, some begin working. Whatever it may be, we are making these decisions while we are still so young and may not be sure of what our true life goals are yet!

Waxing Crescent
The Waxing Crescent phase is when we realize that we may be feeling stuck or limited in our life. We know that we want to create a plan for our life, but our past and our internal programming might be holding us back. We are aware that we need to make a change, but changing is really hard!

First Quarter
The First Quarter phase is when we are beginning to become aware of our self-limiting beliefs. It is when we know that we want to feel better, and that we have the power to do so and to create a life that we desire. We need to make a commitment to ourselves to make positive, lasting changes. We begin to create plans and goals and take action steps toward those goals!

Waxing Gibbous
The Waxing Gibbous phase is when we have been consistently making positive changes in our life, and we begin to dive deeper into our goals. We feel balance in our lives, and we create new goals and continue to improve and grow!

Full Moon
The Full Moon phase is when we are continuously taking care of our mind, body, and spirit! We always want to continue to grow, and have never-ending self improvement. Once we reach this point in our personal development journey, we are able to help guide others on their own journey.