A little bit about your coach! Featuring my two huskies (my best friends), Tiko and Luna!


A certified holistic life coach dedicated to helping others grow and chase their dreams.

My name is Kate, and New Moon Holistic Life is my life coaching and wellness practice. New Moon Holistic Life was founded in 2020 when I completed my training and became a certified holistic life coach. When you work with me, I will always be a good listener, educate you, empower you, and motivate you to take control of creating the life you want! The journey is yours, I am simply here to guide you.

A little bit about me: I am also the owner of a digital marketing agency called New Moon Strategy! I worked for 8+ years in digital marketing and decided it was time for a change. When I learned about holistic life coaching, I felt like this is something I was called to do! Owning both my life coaching and marketing businesses allows me to do both things that I love.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and I have two huskies, Tiko and Luna, who are my best friends. I enjoy hiking with my pups, being outside in warm weather, exercise and yoga (+ aerial yoga!), riding my Harley, drawing, music, reading, and always continuing to learn!

New Moon Holistic Life is a New Moon Enterprises company. New Moon Enterprises is a creative and health & wellness focused operational parent company helping consumers, business owners, and businesses thrive.