Valuing Yourself and Recognizing Self-Worth

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You Are Enough. 

Every single one of us is enough just as we are, and valuing yourself and all that you have to offer is so necessary to recognizing your self-worth. We were all created differently, and we all have our own paths to walk in this life. All too often, we forget this and we judge ourselves, compare ourselves to others, and worry about what everyone else thinks of us. What would happen if you instead spent time valuing yourself and everything that you are? You would begin to recognize your own self-worth, feel at peace with yourself, and work to create a beautiful life that you look forward to each and every morning.

Why valuing yourself is seen as “hard”

I don’t like to call things “hard” or “difficult,” because this causes us to look at things with hesitation, before we even try. I prefer to use the words “challenge” or “opportunity,” because these words allow us to feel more encouraged to work toward something. 

You see valuing yourself as “hard,” because you’ve spent your whole life criticizing and judging yourself. Your own self-talk and the judgment of others has made you feel inadequate. You grew up comparing yourself to others – your classmates, your siblings, and your friends. This is just a natural progression of the way that we grow up in today’s society, and the way “success” is measured. The framework that society gave you programmed you to measure your worth within the confines of that framework. In other words, you feel like if you don’t make enough money, you’re not worthy of being valued, or you’re not successful. 

We don’t measure life by how we feel, we measure it by how accomplished we are, how much money we have, and what our job title says about us. Our happiness is not part of the equation that society defines as “successful.” Society sets us up on this “path to success” and if you do not feel in alignment with this path, you try to do it anyways, which causes you to feel like a failure when you don’t feel good about it. So, we learn the hard way that we cannot force something that isn’t truly in our heart or what our mind & body want. Society has slowly begun to wake up to the fact that this is a broken perspective, but we ourselves have to do the internal work and have the realizations about this by ourselves in order to fix that programming.

All of this is why you have had a hard time valuing yourself and recognizing your own self-worth as an individual, unique, and beautiful person with a mind and a soul of your own. No one in the world has your mind. That is entirely your own, and if you pursue what fulfills you, you can leave your mark on the world.

There is nobody quite like you

There is nobody like you, and that in itself is beautiful and should be celebrated.

Society tells us that we need to look externally for self-worth: as I mentioned before, we need to make more money, we need a higher job title, we need a big house, a fancy car, expensive clothes, etc. The world we live in today has programmed people to believe that they need to have and spend money in order to have value. At what point do we realize that this is a simple marketing & sales technique, used to sell more products? I promise you, there is no item out there that is going to make you feel justified, or validated. Only you yourself can give yourself that when you do the internal work.

The truth is, you have everything you need right within yourself. Every hardship, every challenge, every single external circumstance that you have been through, has happened for you. It has all happened to push you towards recognizing your self-worth and coming to love and accept yourself just as you are. Understand that it’s okay to want to improve your current circumstances, but these circumstances don’t mean that you aren’t enough right now – everyone has a starting point.

Your thoughts and emotions just are. They do not define you. Do not treat them as the supreme truth. You do not need to rely on others to provide you with compliments or praise. Do this for yourself! Be your own best friend, and talk to yourself the way you would talk to a best friend. Your own internal voice should be the nicest voice that you interact with. Lift YOURSELF up. If you rely on others to do it, you will be disappointed, because it’s not their job. You cannot look for external validation to truly feel good about yourself. That must come from within.

Recognize and celebrate your self-worth

Becoming aware of how we have come to view ourselves is an important first step to recognizing how worthy you already are, and how worthy you always have been. As I mentioned before, life does not happen to you, it happens for you – to continue to push you to grow into who you truly are. By merely existing, you are sufficient, You are enough. You have immense intrinsic value and uniqueness to share with the world. You may not know what that uniqueness is yet, and that’s okay too. But please don’t fall into the self-pity spiral of saying that there’s nothing special about you and you have nothing special to give.

How you spend your days is important in recognizing your self-worth. 

  • How is your self-talk?
  • Do you love yourself?
  • Do you take care of your body?
  • Are you spending your time doing things that make you feel fulfilled? 
  • Or are you spending time on escapism?

Let go of trying to be in control and let things unfold naturally. Understand that it’s okay not to have everything figured out, but if you’re moving in a direction that makes you happy and fulfilled, then that’s what matters. Accept yourself, and accept that you are right where you need to be, too. 

Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with others who love themselves and promote this too, rather than negativity. You may need to set boundaries if there is toxic negativity in your life that is influencing your own ability to recognize your self-worth or create a more positive mindset.

You are so worthy of living the most beautiful life, whatever that looks like for you. You do not need to keep searching for something to create a better life for yourself. It is all within you, and you need to spend time recognizing this, loving yourself, and not giving a damn about what any other person thinks.

Please get in touch with me for guidance on your journey to recognizing your self-worth and creating an actionable plan for reaching your goals and creating your dream life!

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